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What are the different types of coffee mugs available?

At “My Moo Mugs”, we sell not just mugs, but tiny vessels of joy that are as vibrant and diverse as the Australian outback. Here’s what’s brewing in our barn –

1. Shimmering like the Southern Cross itself, our **500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle** is the rover’s best friend. Perfect for folks trekking through the bush or braving an early morning commute.
2. The **White 325ml Ceramic Mug** is like a cozy fire on a winter’s night – warm, comforting, and bright. We dare you not to feel like you’re wrapped in a woolly blanket with every sip.
3. For cowboys and cowgirls on the go, the versatile **White 450

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1. Ceramic Mugs: These are the most common type available. They are durable, retain heat well and are easily customizable.

2. Glass Mugs: Clear mugs can often be found in coffee shops and are great for showcasing layered drinks. They tend not to retain heat as well as ceramic models though.

3. Stainless Steel Mugs: These mugs are primarily designed for travel. They are durable and well-insulated, perfect for long commutes.

4. Porcelain Mugs: A type of ceramic, porcelain mugs are typically thinner and lighter than their ceramic counterparts, but similarly able to retain heat.

5. Plastic Mugs: These are cheap and great for traveling, though they don’t typically hold heat as well and can affect the taste of the coffee.

6. Stoneware Mugs: Stoneware mugs are a type of ceramic made from a specific clay mixture. They are typically high-fired and non-porous, making them great at retaining heat.

7. Insulated Mugs: These mugs are designed to keep drinks hot for a long time. They are often used for travel and commonly made from stainless steel.

8. Enamel Mugs: Designed for camping and outdoor use, they are durable but do not hold heat as well.

9. Copper Mugs: Typically used for specific drinks like Moscow mules, they certainly give a distinct look but can affect the coffee’s taste.

10. Thermal Mugs: Similar to insulated mugs but designed specifically for drinking on the go, they have a sealable top that makes them spill-proof.

11. Tumbler Mugs: These mugs typically come with lids and are designed for travel. They’re typically larger and cylindrical in shape.

12. Novelty Mugs: These mugs come in all shapes and sizes and often feature cool and quirky designs to make your coffee drinking experience more fun.