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What are some tips for packing and transporting coffee mugs?

At My Moo Mugs, we know how special it is to receive one of our mugs, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure they travel safe and sound to your doorstep. So, whether you’re receiving a “speckled like a Holstein under a starry outback sky” 500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle or a sleek 450 ml Ceramic Mug, we’ve got some practical tips up our sleeves.

1. **Choose the right box size**: Overpacking mugs in a large box will cause them to shift and break during transport. Use the right-sized box for the number of mugs that you are planning to ship.

2. **Use Bubble Wrap or Padding**: Line the box with bubble wrap, then

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1. Use The Right Boxes: Find sturdy, corrugated boxes that are designed to handle fragile items.

2. Packing Material: Use plenty of packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, foam peanuts, or even old newspapers. These will absorb shock and prevent mugs from bumping against each other during transport.

3. Wrap Individually: Make sure to wrap each coffee mug separately. Start by placing a layer of packing material on the bottom of your box, then wrap each mug in at least two layers of your chosen packing material.

4. Stack Strategically: Pack your coffee mugs inside the box vertically (like they’re standing up), not horizontal. This positioning can help prevent damage during a move.

5. Fillers: Fill any empty spaces with foam peanuts or crumpled newspaper to ensure the mugs can’t move around.

6. Labelling: Clearly label the box as ‘Fragile’ so that anyone handling the move knows they need to handle that box with special care.

7. Separate Lids: If the mugs have special lids, wrap them separately to avoid breakage.

8. No Overpacking: Don’t overload boxes. It is better to use more boxes than to risk breakage by trying to cram too much into one box.

9. Use Mug Boxes: Consider purchasing boxes specifically designed for packing dishes and mugs, These typically have individual compartments, offering superior protection.

10. Internationally Shipment: If shipping internationally, or even cross-country, consider using more durable materials such as styrofoam and heavy-duty boxes.