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How do I choose a coffee mug that retains heat well?

Choosing a heat-retaining coffee mug from “My Moo Mugs” can be a whimsical walk through an array of charming cow-themed vessels, carefully curated from materials designed to keep your favourite brew toasty warm.

Our Stainless Steel Travel Mugs, for instance, are the perfect companions for your busy morning commutes or grueling study sessions. They’re constructed from durable stainless steel designed to provide excellent heat retention, ensuring your favourite drinks stay piping hot for hours on end. What’s more fun than a sustainable, cow-themed mug that’s as sturdy as a brumby and hotter than a day in the Great Sandy Desert?

If you’re more of a homebody, the 450ml Ceramic Mug might be the perfect match for you.

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Choose a coffee mug with these qualities for the best heat retention:

1. Material: Go for porcelain or ceramic. These materials are known to maintain heat better than glass or plastics. Stainless steel can also do a good job.

2. Size: Larger mugs are usually preferred for heat retention, as there is a smaller surface area in contact with the air.

3. Thickness: Thicker mugs retain heat better than thin ones due to their higher thermal mass. So look for a mug with some thick walls.

4. Insulation: Double-walled mugs or those with insulation are even more efficient because they add an extra layer between your coffee and the outside air. This is common in stainless steel travel mugs.

5. Lids: Consider a mug with a lid, it can greatly slow down the cooling process.

6. Shape: Mugs that taper at the top help keep your coffee warmer longer by reducing the surface area of the exposed coffee.

7. Dishwasher safe: While this won’t affect heat retention, it can impact the overall lifespan of your mug.

8. Handle: This won’t impact heat retention either, but a handle isn’t just convenient– it can also protect your hand from any heat that does escape your mug.