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Can coffee mugs be microwaved safely?

Yes, coffee mugs can generally be microwaved safely, but this primarily depends on the type of material the mug is made from.

For our “My Moo Mugs” collection, our ceramic and porcelain mugs can be microwaved safely. Our range includes the “White 325ml Ceramic Mug” that’s as homey as a shepherd’s pie, or the “White Latte 500ml Ceramic Mug” perfect for warming up with a Moo-cha Chai Latte. Don’t forget the ever-sleek “White 300ml Porcelain Slim Mug”, it’s perfect for a quick zap and a brew.

Beware though! Our stainless steel travel mugs, like the “White 450ml Stainless Steel

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Yes, most coffee mugs can be microwaved safely. However, mugs with metallic paint or decorations should not be microwaved as they can cause sparks and could possibly damage your microwave. It’s always best to check the bottom of the mug for any symbols or text that indicate whether it’s microwave safe. Plastic mugs should be checked for BPA content as BPA can leak into food when microwaved.