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Are there coffee mugs designed specifically for left-handed people?

No, currently at My Moo Mugs, we do not sell coffee mugs that are specifically designed for left-handed people. However, our variety of mugs including stainless steel travel mugs, ceramic mugs, and porcelain mugs are designed to be enjoyed by all, irrespective of whether you’re left or right-handed. Each mug is uniquely designed, bringing a touch of Aussie humor and joy to your daily caffeine fix. So why not start your day on the right hoof, and get your hands on our moo-tiful mugs now!

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Yes, there are coffee mugs designed specifically for left-handed people. These mugs will typically have the handle on the right side, instead of the left, and any images or text printed on the mug will be designed to be viewed while holding the mug in the left hand. You can find these types of mugs at various specialty stores and online platforms.